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Ports type

Number of main ports

Uplink port type

Switch type

Voltage range

Hot Swap PSU

Built-in UPS 12V

PoE supported

PoE Budget, W


L2 protection protocols

Routing protocols



Routing table

PoE standard

Accommodation (2)

Management (1)

Video resolution

CPU (1)

RAM (1)

Operating system


Wi-Fi Technology (1)

WAN port

LAN port

Motherboard chipset

PON type (2)

PON technology

PON Form Factor

L3 functionality

PON Power Supply Type

The number of PON ports

Power, VA


Expiratory phase

Type of UPS

Output power factor, RF

Without built-in batteries

Number of pulse inputs (2)

Processor type


RAM (2)

Form factor for hard drive bays

M.2 supported

Form factor (1)

Number of front bay HHD/SSD

Number of RAM slots

Number of PCI-E slot

Number of CPU socket

PDU type

Outlet type

PDU mounting type

Outlet quantity

Max output current, A

Transceiver type

Transceiver speed

Wavelength TX, nm

Form-factors transceivers

Connector type

Transmission distance (range), km

Battery capacity, Ah

Rated battery voltage, V

Battery terminal

Life of battery

Height, mm

Depth, mm (1)

Length, mm (1)

Frequency coverage, MHz

Supported MIMO, 2,4MHz

Supported MIMO, 5MHz

LAN Speed

WAN Speed

USB port

Repeater option

Wireless WAN

LTE supporting

WPA3 supporting

ONU/ONT type


RF port

Option of POTS-port

PON port's type

Transponer type


Bluetooth (1)

Number of operation key


Air mouse

Type of accessory for UPS

Active filters


2U SNR-SR2412RE-NV server platform, ability to install up to two AMD EPYC Gen4 processors, DDR5, 12x2.5"/3.5" HDD SAS/SATA/NVMe, 2xOCP 3.0, two redundant 800W power supplies.
Price $ 4,297.69


Server platform 2U SNR-SR2412RS-NV, possibility to install up to two Intel Xeon Scalable Gen4 processors, DDR5, 12x2.5"/3.5" HDD SAS/SATA/NVMe, 2xOCP 3.0, two redundant 800W power supplies.
Price $ 4,507.34

PoE Power Supply CP2410 (24VDC, 24W, IEEE-802.3at, LED)

Passive PoE Power Supply CP2410 is designed for power SNR-ERD-4s over Ethernet network according to Power over Ethernet (PoE) standard. Power over Ethernet (PoE) standard is used to power various network devices.
Price $ 13.23

Remote monitoring and control device SNR-ERD-2.3-DHT22

ERD-2.3-DHT22 (Ethernet Remote Device) is designed for remote monitoring and control of equipment cabinets. The device is equipped with an external humidity and temperature sensor. Sensor polling and load management are carried out via SNMP and WEB interfaces.
Price $ 89.08