Product warranty

Delivery of goods to the address of acceptance for warranty service is carried out at the Buyer's expense, and return delivery of goods to the Buyer's address after warranty service is carried out at the Supplier's expense.
When ordering the shipment of goods for warranty service in a transport company, it is necessary to choose the method of cargo delivery to the recipient's address.

Addresses for sending and receiving goods for warranty service:

Company details for sending to Kazakhstan:

LLP "NAG KAZAKHSTAN (NAG Kazakhstan)" 050000, Kazakhstan, Almaty, Almalinsky district, Panfilova str., 98.
Contact person Eldar Nigamyadzyanov, +7-727-344-34-44
Opening hours: MON-FRI: from 08:30 to 17:30.

Company details to Uzbekistan:

NAGTECH LLC (NAG Tech LLC), Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Mirzo-Ulugbek district, Mirishor 2nd dead end, house 17/19.
Contact person Maksim Marchenko, +998-55-508-0660
Opening hours: MON-FRI: from 08:30 to 17:30.

Provision of warranty service

1. Terms and conditions

1.1. Supplier - SNR Company (
1.2. Buyer - a legal entity or an individual acquiring goods or services in SNR.
1.3. Manufacturer - the company that is producing the product.
1.4. ASC - authorized service center of the Manufacturer.

2. General provisions

2.1. The warranty obligations for the goods sold by the company are borne by the Supplier, while the warranty service is performed at the authorized service centers of the Manufacturer (hereinafter referred to as the "ACC"). The Supplier sets the warranty period for the goods sold.
2.2. The warranty period is calculated from the moment of sale of the goods by the Supplier.
2.3. The standard warranty for the goods includes:
2.3.1. Technical support for initial setup; finding out the causes of inactivity; finding and eliminating errors in the software (only for products under the Supplier's trademark).
2.3.2. Warranty service.
2.4. Technical support is provided remotely via the Help Desk system.
2.5. Technical support within the framework of warranty service does not provide equipment integration services.
2.6. Warranty service implies testing, free repair, warranty replacement (in case of impossibility of repair), or refund (in case of absence of replacement). The product provided for warranty replacement may be new or refurbished. In any case, the Seller guarantees that its characteristics will not be worse than those of the replaced device.
2.7. Warranty service does not provide for cleaning and prevention of the goods by and at the expense of the Supplier.
2.8. Acceptance of the goods for warranty service is possible only after a preliminary request to the technical support service. It is necessary to:
2.8.1. Describe the problem on the Help Desk technical support page or send an email describing the problem to (the methods are equivalent).
2.8.2. Receive confirmation from the technical support engineer about the readiness to accept the goods for warranty service.
2.8.3. Arrange delivery of the goods to the address of acceptance for warranty service within 30 days; otherwise, the confirmation is considered invalid.

3. Warranty conditions

3.1. Warranty service is subject to the following:
3.1.1. Goods purchased from SNR, the serial number in the company's database of numbers. If the serial number is not determined in the company's database or it is not provided. In that case, it is necessary to provide documents confirming the fact of the purchase of goods from the company for which the warranty period has not expired at the time of delivery.
3.1.2. Goods delivered before the end of the warranty period.
3.1.3 A product with a completed service card (download the form) indicating the malfunction and the number of contacting the Help Desk technical support service.
3.2. Warranty service is not subject to:
3.2.1. Goods that do not meet the requirements of paragraphs 3.1.
3.2.2. Goods damaged during transportation, storage, or violation of the rules of operation, including those with damage:
mechanical, thermal, electrical, electrochemical, and electromechanical, including traces of corrosion;
caused by the ingress of foreign substances, objects, liquids, insects, etc., into the product;
caused by the use of non-standard or non-tested equipment for compatibility;
caused by the elements, fire, and household factors;
caused by non-compliance with the approved standards of parameters of supply, telecommunication, cable networks, and other external factors;
caused by the use of non-standard spare parts, components, software, consumables, and cleaning materials;
caused by non-compliance with the term and periods of technical and preventive maintenance, if necessary, for this product.
3.2.3. Goods with traces of unauthorized repair or outside interference.
3.2.4. Goods with damaged or illegible factory marking, serial number, and warranty seal of the Manufacturer or Supplier.
3.2.5. The warranty does not apply to:
packaging, kit, consumables;
for damage caused to other equipment operating in conjunction with this product.
3.2.6. Disclaimer of liability. The Supplier is not responsible for the compatibility of the software with any hardware or software supplied by other Manufacturers unless otherwise specified in the attached document.
3.2.7. Disclaimer of warranty. The Supplier is not liable for warranty obligations if the testing and/or analysis performed by him showed that the claimed defect in the product is absent or it arose as a result of a violation of the installation rules and/ or other actions of the Buyer related to attempts to get the device to perform functions not declared by the Manufacturer.
3.2.8. Disclaimer of liability for collateral damages. Under no circumstances shall the Supplier be liable for any damages (including loss of data, loss of profits, and other incidental, consequential, or consequential damages) related to the use or inability to use the goods sold.

4. Terms of warranty service, delivery of goods

4.1. The warranty period is set by the Manufacturer's service policy.
4.2. The free storage period of the goods prepared for delivery is 14 days from the date of notification of the Buyer's readiness. For storing the goods for more than the specified time, the Supplier charges the Buyer a fee of $ 10 per cubic meter per day.
4.3. The Buyer's non-appearance or absence of requests for the delivery of the prepared goods cannot be interpreted as a violation of the terms of warranty service indicated in clause 4.1. In case the Buyer does not apply for the delivery of the prepared goods within 365 days from the date of acceptance of the goods for warranty service. In that case, the Supplier has the right to write off the goods as unclaimed without compensation for its cost to the Buyer.
4.4. The Buyer has the opportunity to challenge the results of the warranty service within three months from the delivery date of the goods to the Buyer.

5. Warranty period for repaired goods

5.1. For repaired or replaced goods, the end date of the warranty is set equal to the end date of the warranty for the goods originally delivered for warranty service plus the period of warranty service.