SNR Today

Since its foundation in 2004, the company has been one of the leading global vendors of network and switching equipment. Switches, transceivers, STB and ONT products, Wi-Fi routers, UPSs, and PDUs by SNR are now widely applied by Internet providers, at data processing centers, and in the corporate sector.

The success that hinges on cutting-edge technologies, high quality and synergy enables our company to establish international cooperation in key countries of the Near East, Europe, and the CIS. SNR invests in research and development every day to keep pace with global requirements.

  • 600+ employees
  • 50 000+ clients
  • 2 service centers
  • 15+ countries

About our work

We are focused on equipment with the best price/quality ratio. To this end we brought together a team of professionals with extensive experience in different telecom areas.

The highly competent team at SNR develops advanced, streamlined devices manufactured at contracted cutting-edge global production sites, where IT industry leaders place their orders. All equipment is carefully checked at multiple stages.

Our experts provide consulting services to customers, making sure our equipment is compatible with that of other manufacturers already installed in the client’s networks. We develop in-house hardware based solutions to tackle comprehensive tasks in an efficient manner.

Designs are developed and products are supplied as quickly as possible. We are flexible and ready to adapt to our customers’ requirements.

Our mission

is to provide companies with affordable equipment to guarantee Internet access to people worldwide

Our values

  • Excellence

    Company’s cumulative experience makes it easy for our customers to operate the hardware, maintaining process consistency during equipment replacement and ensuring smooth transition to contemporary technologies. We provide an all-in-one solution without any additional licenses or payments.
  • Proactivity

    We stand for active cooperation. We reduce our clients’ expenses and the time of startup & commissioning. Tenacity and entrepreneurial spirit of our specialists give assurance to our customers that projects are implemented promptly and with due quality.
  • Openness

    We embrace the “win – win” principle of partnership, ensuring transparency, predictability, and great financial performance. We have been growing consistently since 2004, creating new jobs each year, paying taxes, and contributing to the development of the society.
A network switch

Network equipment

We offer a wide range of network devices to build networks of any class – multiservice networks for telecom operators, office and corporate networks, as well as infrastructure projects for TIER IV and data processing centers.

Over 20 series of switches by SNR with different port capacities and functionalities provide the best solution for any task.


for xPON networks

We offer customer premise devices (ONT/ONU) for xPON networks deployment. Customer premise devices by SNR are compatible with xPON equipment of such global manufacturers as BDCOM, Huawei, ZTE, and others.

Our specialists are ready to offer integrated solutions to build xPON networks in cities and urban areas.

An XPON router
An optical fiber transceiver

Optical transport systems

SNR is an expert in xWDM.

Our product range includes transceivers of up to 800G and with different form factors, compatible with those of all global equipment manufacturers.

Our CWDM/DWDM equipment is instrumental in building Metro и Long Haul transport networks.


Utilities and Power

Equipment by SNR is widely used in data centers and cluster systems of up to several megawatt. UPS models from our portfolio support the capacity of up to 500 kVA.

We offer a wide range of controlled PDUs to manage electric power supply.

A stack of UPS'
An IPTV device

Television equipment

IPTV set-top boxes by SNR run on the Android operating system and support ATV/AOSP. They can be customized and integrated with OTT and IPTV platforms of telecom operators.

Wireless network equipment

We have developed an in-house hardware and software platform that can be easily integrated into a network of any telecom operator.

Our routers support all popular standards, including Wi-Fi-6. We are happy to customize our software to meet the customer’s requirements.

A wireless router