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Basic PDU with 32A and 100-240VAC input voltage. Equipped with 30 schuko outlets and a 3-meter power cord of 3x6.0mm2 with IEC 60309 2P+E (IP44) plug. The dimensions of the PDU are 1679.0x50.0x44.4mm.
Price $ 275.14


Basic PDU with 32A rating, compatible with 100-240VAC power input. Features 18 IEC C13 outlets and 6 IEC C19 outlets, along with a 3m power cord that has a 3x6.0mm2 cross-section and an IEC 60309 2P+E (IP44) plug. The unit measures 1243.0x50.0x44.4mm.
Price $ 396.75


Basic PDU with 3x32A, 200-415VAC input voltage and 36xIEC C13+6×IEC C19 outlets It comes with 3m power cord 5x6.0mm2 and IEC 60309 3P+N+E (IP44) plug The dimensions of the PDU are 1896.5x50.0x44.4mm.
Price $ 536.98